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Woes of a SAHM; I need help cleaning my home


I am sharing my experiences and Dms from you on these 2 services as I’ve only engaged them so far and many of you have also done the same. This post is not sponsored in any way, and I am giving an unbiased personal opinion.

A few months back when I had requested for recommendations on cleaning companies, this 2 was strongly recommended, I decided to engage them on separate occasions.

Do note that for cleaning companies, they are only as good as the staff they send over. All this is based on luck. Should a bad cleaner turn up, the experience will surely be terrible. However, a good cleaner will reflect better on the company.

Common Variables

It would be unfair to compare a 2 room cleaning service to an Executive Apartment cleaning service. Both cleaned my home, a 4 bedroom, 2 living room, 2 toilets, dry and wet kitchen and a small balcony. I engaged both for 5 hours to do cleaning. No windows were cleaned.


Helpling – I was sent a website link recommendation and it wasn’t as direct as I'd like it to be. The same sentiments were shared to me thru Helpling users. A lot of navigation to get to the service that we’d like. By the time I reach to the rates, I was a little frustrated. Have yet to try the app.

Urban Co – I used the app, very straight forward. They give options based on house size, square feet. With window cleaning or without etc. Upon selection, the rates will reflect accordingly, and you can proceed straight with booking the dates, time and payment.


Helpling – I had to wait awhile for them to update if any cleaners were available at the time/date slot. There were several times they had to reschedule my timing as their cleaners were elsewhere and couldn’t make it in time. Communications were through SMSs. Waiting for confirmation took awhile. Cancellations also took awhile, and patience was tested.

Urban Co – Almost immediate confirmation. I just had to wait for the date and time for the cleaner to turn up. There was no discussion on timing and dates. Was rather straightforward. They followed my preferred time. Cancellation was also easy.

Punctuality / Conduct

Both cleaners appeared on time and was very pleasant to work with. They were polite and didn’t need much instruction. I left them on their own to work.


Helpling – You must provide everything for them including the vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies.

Urban Co- Arrive with their own vacuum and cleaning solutions. Only need to provide buckets and some extra rags or specific cleaning solutions you prefer.


Both companies offered competitive rates in accordance with the current market price. They do have good promo and referral codes for you to use.

You can click here for their current rates :

Post work Review

Helpling – I booked for 5 hours cleaning cause I understood that it is a big space for them to clean within a short period of time. Cleaner did a rather slip shot work and cut corners. For example, when cleaning the toilet, she washes only on the surfaces and did not lift shampoo or soap bottles to wash the bases. At the fourth hour, she claims she is done and ready to leave. She will ask the company to refund me the 1 hour balance and left. Company did refund the 1 hour balance. However work was below satisfactory.

Urban Co – Similarly I booked for 5 hours and she used the full period. All expectations were met. The floors were literally sparkling. All surfaces were wiped cleaned. Work was beyond expectation. My OCD self was satisfied.


Helpling – Was rather hard to connect with them via the website cause it seems like they function over SMSs. However, recently they did reach out via Instagram and was easy to give feed back and communicate with them.

Urban Co – I had issues with my payment going through, I left a feedback and for them to call me back. They did within 15 minutes and sorted my issues quickly.


Would I engage them again?

Yes, I would definitely engage Helpling again. The feedback received from many followers here was a resounding good one. Maybe I got the bad apple and had an unpleasant experience. But that doesn’t mean that all their staff would be as such. Maybe they could improve on their communication methods and accommodate more to customers timing.

Ever since my 1st engagement with Urban co, I have tried booking from them for my mum’s 2 room flat and she was pleased with their service. I’ve tried again 2 months later, and their work was consistent despite sending a different staff. Followers also feedback negatives such as last-minute cancellations and leaving them stranded.

But like I said earlier, it all depends on the staff that arrived at your home. It doesn’t reflect entirely on the company’s efficiency.

I hope this helped in assisting with your choice of cleaning company. I will keep this page updated if I were to engage other companies.



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