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So You Wanna Plan A Group Travel/Outing...

This topic was suggested by a reader many months before. We were suddenly discussing the current dilemmas and perks of travelling with our parents and young children combo. So I am gonna try and put it into an entry and maybe more of us can learn and reflect to make travelling or outings a more pleasant experience.

The idea of going away with a large group of friends or family sounds like a great idea in theory, until you realize that more people often mean more opinions and more problems. If approached incorrectly, simple decision making can become tedious and time consuming. So how are we gonna go about with this.

Who is in your group?

This is the most critical part of your planning. Identifying who are in your group and whether they have any disabilities or limitations that you will have to include.

Travelling with elderlies requires a lot of forward planning. For example, does the location you are visiting provides wheelchair access or requires a lot of walking? Will they enjoy the location are you gonna tire them out more than necessary.

What is the point of bringing them there and then parking them at a restaurant or a meet up point while you go explore the rest of the place and pick them up later. Might as well leave them at home!!

Travelling with children requires versatility. You have to adapt your Itinerary and planning according to their needs and wants. The plans must not be rigid and have more realistic goals.

For example, its midnight, kids have been awake since early morning, you do not plan to have a meal outside with sleepy kids who are gonna make a fuss. Check in first, settle the kids and then proceed to find ways to fill up your tummy. If all fails, hotels are usually near food vendors or order room service.

You should not have a 101-bucket list and hope to achieve them all in the trip. This is to avoid disappointments when things don't happen as planned.

The main important core of the trip should be the intention or what you aim to achieve at the end of it. If the aim is to just to visit someone or have a very nice bonding session with family, then always remember to keep it simple and be accommodating to all.

Here is a list of different type of Mama Travelers..

Let me know which one you relate to the most in the comments.

Seasoned Mama Traveler

A seasoned traveler is good to have as she would have known what to do or where to go in most situations. They will have no problem seeking popular locations. If a safety issue arises, they will know what to do.

The Yolo Mama

The Yoloer are Mamas who live their lives to the max, they love to do exciting things, stupidity, and just anything that makes them happy. When you are with them, your trip will most likely be unforgettable and enjoyable. They are also the type to push their children boundaries wanting them to overcome fear or explore new things.

The Photographer Mama

For photographer mamas, pictures are everything. They are the ones capturing every single moment of their trip. Getting the kids to pose and also capture simple moments like taking a bite of their food or simply walking around the attraction park. You will get the best pictures when you travel with them.

The Shopping Mama

They travel to different parts of the world for one thing, and one thing only – shopping.

Shop for kids, for mum, for dad, for husband, for their neighbours and everyone they can. Of course for themselves too. You can often see their kids either trying out outfits after outfits or simply hanging around the racks while she shops.

The Alarm Mama

The alarm Mama always try to be a role model and teach her kids to stay away from risky ways. You can always hear her saying, "Drink water!, Eat your food!, Put on sunscreen!.." Of course, they mean well for their kids.

The Over/Under packed Mama

These Mamas either packed everything under the sun or nothing at all. They do not know how to balance either. One can be seen with huge luggages and trying to juggle it all while the other will look lost not knowing what to get or whats needed for the trip resulting in the child being as lost too.

Right now I am the photographer mama and a little bit of a seasoned traveller mama. I aim to be the YOLO mama when the kids are slightly bigger.

Ultimately travelling with family encourages bonding, a chance to spend time together away from normal schedules, enjoy new experiences and places together and creating beautiful memories for time to come. So the next time you travel with big groups, always take 1 step back and review what is the thing you would want to come out with through this experience. If you know its going to be a little too much for you to handle, its ok not to go till you are ready. Otherwise, pack your bags and have fun!!

Let me know in the comments which Travel Mama are you <3

Lotsa Love,


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