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MLM : Its not You, Its Me

If you have been following my stories on my Instagram @letsaskmama, you would have noticed me asking for some reviews on a certain brand's products. OMG I was flooded. It went to the point where my phone battery went totally dead. That was how overwhelming it got and continued for the next few days.

My intention was not to critic on the brand or the product but to learn more about it from users as all I've heard about are from agents. I felt that it was biased and the testimonies shown are from people I do not know thus I could not judge for myself. I was initially keen on the products however affordability and credibility was a big issue for me. Every time I want to make a big purchase, I will research on it before taking the plunge. Thus I did the same but this time, the process taught me many other things.

I am going to approach this topic based on "The Good, The Bad & The Evil" concept.

Once again I would like to reiterate that I do not have any negativity vibes or feelings towards the brands or the products or even the agents involve in selling them. In fact I do have many friends and family doing it. Should the process give you good income, then I am happy for you and you should continue to do so. Anything to bring more income to the family. Go for it! I once got myself involved in MLM sales and boooyyy was that an experience in which I will talk further about it later.

So here are some reviews that was sent to me.

The Good

  • A teacher wrote to me ' I wear the pants! I wear it everyday. I had a back injury and after long hours of zoom, my back hurts. The pants is amazing for my back. I didn't lose any weight though but it really helps with my back pain and I can sleep soundly at night.

  • A SAHM wrote 'I've been using for a month plus. My knee pain has improved and also when I put it on, I don't feel heavy.'

  • A Mum wrote 'I suffered from Insomnia for many years. However, the pants helped me solve the problem. I also lost weight around my waist. I became more energetic and feeling fresh.'

  • Another Mum wrote ' I bought for my daughter to try. She suffered from Sinus issues. So I started by using some balms on her and the socks to bed. She didn't wake up at all and didn't sneeze nor cough through the night. So I thought it could be a fluke, stopped using, the problem came back, once put it on problem solved.'

Believe it or not, that's the only Good feedback I've received.. I did interview all of them further and yes, their feedback was genuine and I'm happy that it worked on them. Some bought the pants and some bought the socks. The conclusion from speaking to these ladies is that if you are the type that work long hours either standing up or are on your feet a lot, it would be worthy to give it a try. Since most of them who are positive about it comes from jobs that are long hours and strenuous in nature, it would make sense to be able to put it on and let it work its magic longer. Look out for my IG stories, I'll direct you to reliable agents for you to approach and try them out.

The Bad

(Since there is a lot to write about, I will just go straight to their reviews. Their backgrounds comes from SAHMs, business owners, housing agents, artists etc. Basically a more broader spectrum)

  • It gave me very very bad migraines. The moment I put it on, it will hit me. However, if I take it off I'm fine. Nope I didn't purchase it. Someone gave it to me. Lucky!

  • Agent told me, it can help with my child's scoliosis, been wearing it for a good amount of time. No difference. I'd rather go to a chiro.

  • My child was diagnosed to be on the ASD spectrum. Agent told me if my son it put on, he can sit calm for more activities. Been putting it on, longest he can go is barely 1 min.

  • My child has speech delay. Agent promoted saying it will improve it. I bought it. Still waiting. Maybe he will end up speaking French kot?

  • My daughter bought it for me. I got myself measured and bought from an agent. I cant even walk properly when I put it on. I cant go to the toilet with ease. I feel very much constricted.

  • I sold mine away cause it didn't work. It was hard for me to go toileting with it. The soles of my feet hurt, the socks didn't do much. Agents promoted it as a sports wear too. Wore it to Coney Island for cycling. Came back with bad abrasions everywhere. Agent said I didn't wear it properly. Putting it on and off was a hassle.

  • It works for me BUT it tears very very easily. The fabric is too thin and not meant for regular wearing. Heart pain pay so much.

  • Agent said it would be good for my skin but I see no difference after trying the product for a good month.

  • I got myself the product when I was in a desperate situation to get my body sorted out, after seeing the massive postings. I can say it was an impulse purchase. I wore the pants 24/7 as per the agents advice for about a week. And during this period, my right ankle swelled up. Not too sure why but it could be because I do a lot of work standing up. My foot would swell during the day and subside after I sleep. So one night I decided to sleep without it and the swelling subsided. So it means it did not help. The only satisfying factor was that the it gives a good tummy tuck. Can be worn as a body shaper. But to put on the pants really take a while. If you ask me, its not worth the $$$. I would say absolutely no. I've not come across anyone I know who have benefitted from this. I will not consider getting other products from the brand. Id like to be objective in my sharing as its not a small amount we are talking about.

I've selected a few from my list of reviews to share as it would be quite wordy if I were to provide very single testimonial. (Trust me its a lot!!) These are more or less in line with majority of the reviews I received.

All these was what made my batt totally flat.... MINDBLOWN!!

Personal Experience

Orait, so let me share my experience with the product. I didn't purchase it but a dear friend/follower decided to pass me a pair for me to experiment with. So I gladly took them and wore them for a few days. I decided to put them on every night and hopefully get some good sleep. I suffer from bad insomnia. I wore it with an open mind.

1st Night

I was clueless how to put it on. The socks does not have the standard front and back shape. So I contacted a TRUSTED AGENT (I'll let u know later why this is in caps) and she said that there is a particular line that has to fit underneath the arc of my feet. Even provided a video! (Superb Service ok!!) So I manage to get it fitted nicely and all was ok.

Initial feeling was its a bit tight for my liking. I have a super broad front part of my feet so I felt like my toes were kinda squished. I am not a socks person. After an hour, I started feeling a tingly sensation on both feet. An hour further, my calves started to hurt. I was educated by other agents postings prior to wearing the socks that the calves is the 2nd heart of the body etc.. so I thought oh, maybe its meant to be this way. I fell asleep close to 3ish am.. So I conclude it didn't made me sleepy.

2nd Night

I put it on again. Nothing out of the ordinary. Tingly feeling. Not much calves muscle pain. Didn't promote a good sleep neither made me knock out or anything.

3rd Night

Same as above, uneventful.

4th Night

Same as above uneventful, however. Woke up the next morning, took off my socks, did my normal routine of exercising and all the madness standard routine that a stay at home mom have to get to. At the end of the day before I head to bed, I started limping. I was wondering why. Look down and lo and behold, my ankles were swollen. The top part of my feet was so big and shiny Le Cha said he wanted to take a pin and pop the shiny balloon. It was painful to even walk. He helped massaged my feet to help ease the pain.

5th Night

After the massage, I put on the socks again and went to bed. It was hard to put on with swollen feet. At around 3am, I woke up and shocked to see my feet were looking enormous and so so painful. The socks bands around my ankles was so tight, it left a band mark around it. I quickly stripped it off and felt immediate relief. Elevated my feet and went to sleep. Never looking at those socks again. I woke up the next day with my feet back to normal. Thank god.

I contacted my trusted agent and she told me that my body was trying to get rid of the toxins thus the swelling. I will have to drink more water and flush it out of my system. The thing is, I am already actively drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water per day due to my exercise routines, crazy running daily and the weather... it's to the point my pee output is so clear. How much more water is needed then?

So I concluded that this product is definitely not for me. I was doing ok. I felt good and healthy. Introducing a pair of socks that was suppose to help me didn't make me feel better but got me into more pain instead. Maybe it was suppose to work that way in the initial stage but I do not have the ability to wear it 24/7 to really make it work for me.

Simple math of taking wudhu 5 times a day, inclusive of showering the kiddos, and then the poos and pees I have to clear, the number of time I have to wash down the toilet, I bet the socks would be in pieces by the time I take it off and put on several times a day. So thanks but no thanks for me.

The Evil

Ok, be prepared for some serious literary verbal vomit coming your way cause this is the part that triggered me THE MOST! If you feel you can relate, read on. If you can't I understand if you leave the site.

Most of the people that speaks to me, relates disgusting incidences with the agents selling the products. In fact, the products and brands have got nothing to do with the negativity vibes except maybe the ridiculous pricings they've come up with.

Its The Agents!!!

I have many in my SocMed selling many types of products. I tend to just skim through and not be bothered by it. I take it that's its their way of earning through educating, so I let them be. And then comes 1 or 2 who would approach me and suggest trying the products. Some are touch and go, some give lengthy explanations that can last an hour. So since its their 1st time approaching, I do entertain and said "Thank you for thinking of me, InshAllah, if I am interested, I will come find you". Good enough right?

Then give a week or so, beep again, "Hi, R u ready to make the purchase?" Again, out of curtesy, I explained that its too expensive for me, if I'm ready, ill contact you. Bear in mind its just not 1 person and for 1 product ok. It's several of them.

Some are really kind and I appreciate this kinda agents. They really let me be after the 1st contact. These are the kind of people I will definitely find if I am interested to buy cause they respect boundaries and are not pushy and genuinely have my interest at heart.

Give a few more weeks and BHAMMM!!! Ready to buy now?! Eh whaaattt laaaa??!!! How many times must I said it?!? If your product doesnt cost a few hundred dollarsss.. I would grab.. So Expensive!! With no promise of it being beneficial.. How??

And then the convincing goes again saying "I need it for a better life journey, I need to make investments in my health, I need to take care of my body etc". Trigger beb Trigger!

Then all these while, I've been waking up extra early to do my work outs, 100% cut on sugar drinks, watching what I eat, taking the natural route, is not good enough? I am not invested in my health? I need such products to make it work for me? Some days when it gets too overwhelming with these people, I feel like telling them 'Investments? More like I'm investing in your car / travel/ home reno / bags collection funds am I right?' Just leave me alone laaa... I know where you are, I'll find you when I need the product, whether its a pair of socks, make up, a cooker or milk.

Then comes the tall claims. In their pursuit of trying to convince others to buy their products, some will promise the impossible.

Here are some examples given through my poll in my stories:

  • If your child wears it he can sit still

  • If your child wears it he can speak faster

  • Don't worry you can wear it throughout your pregnancy when clearly states in their website that its not safe to wear during pregnancy as it shifts the pelvic. It is safe to wear postpartum.

  • A couple, wife passed on, agent said, " Should have bought the pants when I told her to, see now what happened"

  • Rub these behind your ADHD child's ear, I can confirm he will knock out during bedtime.

  • If you purchase and become a member, you can be your own boss.

  • Birth marks on the face, rub these and it will disappear.

  • Agent went to see the doctor, taken all the medications, agent continues to take/use product immediately after that, claims 'I got cured thanks to product'. Then the poor doctor who studied years to be one and gave you the meds didn't help? Huh!?

And the list goes on and on.

And then there's some, who haven't spoken to their friends or family for a long time, suddenly appear and ask hey how are you.. how's life.. you ok? Wanna hear about something from me ?

Eh friend, you've not check in for so long, I kena Covid also you didn't ask how am I, suddenly come say Hi... Wassup!? I'm ok with it, its normal for long time people to connect and do sales, but babe you are like family.. I've never heard from you for so long and suddenly pushing products?

Some forget about being sensitive and approach ladies who suffers from not being able to be pregnant and silently going thru it, out of no where you appears and say Hey, try this product, it will help. How insensitive is that? Have you ever thought to speak to her prior to these and ask how is she doing? Did you stop to think how your convo could trigger a melt down if the lady is currently struggling?

A quick search on different MLM articles on the internet can bring results such as the following:-

There are 3 significant problems caused by MLM companies:

  1. They often make false claims about the products.

  2. Some agents actually impersonate licensed providers such as physicians, practitioners, and mental health professionals.

  3. When licensed providers also sell MLM products, this can pose a major conflict of interest for their patients.

Lemme add one more:

4. They target the vulnerable, both as an Agent and a customer.

Many years back, when essential oils was new to the market, I jumped on the bandwagon. I saw many mummies using it on their kids. At that time, my children were still very young and was falling sick frequently. I paid a good amount of money. Sign up for the package, both as a user and agent. I was also trying to earn a little as a stay at home mum.

Initially, I marketed the product as an avid user. I had about close to 50 bottles cause I wanted to level up. Not getting customers easily, so I bought them myself thinking 'Hey I can use it on my kids'. I was promised a good support system through WhatsApp groups and initially it was doing very well. I am an extrovert by nature and I love keeping in touch with family and friends so I just intro it to them during our normal convos. No Pushing! Did some good sales. Then as how MLM goes, the hype went down for awhile.

During that time, the so call 'Heads' in the group decided if you are no longer selling, you no longer deserve support, out you go. So we were kicked out of many different chatgroups. We were left unguided both in sales and user aspect. So that was when I decided, this is not for me. NEXTTT!!

I still advocate for the same products that do work and help me during my difficult pregnancies. I still advise mummies to go get them from reliable agent. But that's about it.

I have poor aunties who have asked me this..

"Ana, I wanna buy the product, but why need NRIC back and front copies eh? You know or not why?"

"Ana, to buy the product, I need to be a member is it? Non Member cannot buy?"

"Ana, agent didn't explain anything to me, only kept talking about the benefits, then when I get keen and would like to purchase, drop the cost bomb to me. Then said if I want it to be cheaper, I have to be a member which I'm not keen and was told, don't wanna be member then don't buy... EH!? Why so unethical?"

The moment an Agent finds out that you have a child on the spectrum, you are an elderly with aging problems or a mum hustling to keep afloat, these people are targeted. It would be nice if you are genuine and are really keen in helping. But sadly most are sales driven. Find an agent who can truly sit and fully explain benefits, cost, membership and admin matters clearly to you so you wont feel cheated and will feel more confident with your purchase.

So here are 12 tips for agents if you want to see success:

1. Be aware of the realities of MLM

If you hop on the bandwagon early, you can see sales faster as compared to joining at the end of the hype. Remember that you are not the only one selling it. Catch the opportunity while its hot.

2. Find a company with the product you love

If the product works for you, it will be easier for you to sell cause you believe in it and have seen the changes for yourself.

3. Be genuine and ethical.

I don't know how much more I need to reiterate this. 1 whole article got me triggered cause of this point.

4. Don't bombard family and friends.

5. Identify your target market.

If your product is more suited for the elderly, target your marketing towards them and be prepared to do a lot of explaining. If its targeted to mothers, do more demos on your own children and share the effective results.

6. Set goals and for parties and presentations.

Remember those days when Tupperware parties were in. Follow the same concept but use SocMed. We would like to see true testimony and not WhatsApp messages and screenshots.

7. Listen and sell the solutions.

Do not push sales just for the sake of it. Another big trigger is you promised a cure, and pushed the product. Client return and said hey it didn't work for me. Majority will go "Oh too bad, different body reacts differently and leave it as that" You've made your sale, you've hit your targets. So all these is just "Oh well, push it under the rug, I've got what I need from you", drives off in your new Mercedes..

8. Learn how to market.

Be genuine and real!!

9. Sponsor don't recruit.

If you have strong faith in your product that it will work. Give one or two away to credible users. Don't underestimate the power from 'Word of Mouth'

10. Stand out from other distributers.

Find tactics and methods that is different from other agents. Be creative.

11 . Develop a system for following up.

Always ask for feedback from users. Accept both positive and negative.

12. Make an effort to share your product / business plan everyday.

Don't forget to turn up. Customers who sees your products will eventually have it in their mind that should they face a similar problem, you will be the 1st contact.


From all these, you can see that something must have happened for me to get triggered and have a full blown article on it. My genuine interest in hearing from user experiences for me to make a purchase had avalanche into disappointing reviews and issues of ethics. It took a rather ugly turn.

I have several Super Agents in my list that I'm amaze with. One of them is a super mum, she started selling her products based on her own reviews. She uses the products, reap its benefits and gave genuine testimonies. Her whole family uses the products and she shows good results. She also connect with friends and family through her live session in SocMed. She educates her customers well and very patiently. My definite go to if I would like to purchase the products. Do find her and follow on Instagram @samihahbentalib.

Finally, another creative agent is @eedafailah. She sells beauty products through very impressive and creative tik toks. I wanted to purchase some from her, it took awhile for me to make a decision because I needed to budget for it. She patiently took her time to educate me. No pushing, gentle education (its been 2 months since I first approach her to purchase and still no pushing). In fact, she is willing to meet up one on one with me to teach me how to proper use her products. Not my 1st time purchasing from her. Her after purchase support is also very good. You will not feel lost and she is always a beep away.

I am appealing to Agents, take a step back and look at how you are doing your sales. Please don't be so aggressive. It makes you look bad among your family and friends. It will come to the point where by a single phone call or message from you will make the person go alaaamaak.. what product is it now.. If you know you are always going to be in MLM businesses then learn to maintain contact with all your friends and family. Do regular check ins. Don't give them a chance to call others and say 'Hey look out, they got a new product, you are gonna hear from them soon... Standby eh!'

With that I'm signing off,

Lotsa Love,


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This is so interesting. thank you for putting it there 😍

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