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Its Been Awhile..

It's been a very very long 7 months since I last wrote something on this blog till it got deactivated from my domain on its own. I've been busy with life and health and right now I feel it's time for me to get back on my feet and do more sharing.

I've received several dms asking on why they can't access my site for a particular article and I apologies as I had not paid attention to this for a while. I hope now you can access them and do ask me if you need more info on whatever I have shared before. Thank you so much for visiting. There is no need to be unkind and give comments such as deactivating this etc. My hobbies, my decisions!

A little update on what's been up since then...

Since July, my health was still on a terrible track. Same old same old. Got admitted again in November to run more tests and results reveal there is still seizure activities in the brain. Some absent ones and some physical ones resulting me in 'factory reset' mode every once in a while. Medications from several pills have now almost reached close to 20 pills per day.

I developed Exploding Head Syndrome, which is something that happens during the period between me falling asleep and waking up. It feels and sounds like a Hiroshima bomb just landed in my head.

It was starting to feel like the more medication that was added, the more side effects I'm getting. So, during the last appointment visit, I officially said goodbye to the doctor, threw all my medications away. Went cold turkey for 2 weeks, and now here I am feeling so so much better, Alhamdulilah.

The worst withdrawal I had was from the drug Cymbalta. It is actually an anti-depressant meant to treat depression however this med is also used to treat nerve pain. I do not wish for anyone to go through this withdrawal at all. Not even for my worst enemy. That is how bad it was.

I have ordered supplements like Habbatusauda and Zaitun capsules. Will give it a go and see how Sunnah healing goes. Right now, the body is getting used to living without the additional aids and it's been toughie but getting easier. I did Bekam with Hijama Associates. It helped a lot especially the head Bekam. It made me look like an Alien for about 3 weeks but it was worth it!

In other news, the kiddos, have been more than happy that I am more alert and available for them. No more zombified mama. I can focus on Maman PSLE prep and be there to spur him on and at the same time make sure Mayyah and Uwey are still on track with their studying.

Right now I wanna get on with all the things I've been meaning to do and been held back. 1 year have passed, gonna put this behind me and march forward!


Lotsa Luv,


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