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4 Seizures and a Mild Stroke

Updated: May 18, 2022

Its been 2 months since I last updated about the situation that I got into. Till today, I still do not have an answer to that question. Did the booster vaccination cause my seizures?

I did not expect the overwhelming love and concern I've received since the post. My intention was just to journal my experience and if anyone else were to experience the same thing could connect with me and maybe see how best we can overcome it. I have no intention of speaking at events or my stories being used without my permission or me not being physically there to fact check. Once again, this is just a personal blog entry with no ill intentions.

Since then, I've received many dm-s. Some local and some international. Some stories were heartbreaking. A lady dm me about her husband's plight. Being in the hospital for a month since his vaccination, a sole breadwinner. Now they are barely making ends meet. I known of another person who suffered the exact same fate as me however he is much younger than me.

Another connected me with a group of similar vaccine injured people. I was shock seeing the stories from the group. It gave me some good support and knowing that I am not alone in this makes me feel comforted and optimistic that I can get solutions.

I am so thankful for all of you who reached out and send me prayers and best wishes.

Here are some of the problems I've been facing since that day. Once again, I would like to reiterate that I'm unsure if its the vac that caused this although my gut feeling tells me its positive.

Prior to booster:

Every morning or at least 5 times a week, after morning prayers and the elder kids have gone to school, I would get on my thread mill and go at least 10km or 10,000 steps, whichever comes first or before the younger kiddos wakes up. I alternate strength training in between and lifting light weights like 5kg was a breeze for me. Was hitting the goals I was looking forward to. I can push myself to do my max anytime and my body can accept and recovers rather fast. Outings are easy on me and I do not feel panicky or claustrophobic. I have impeccable speech and thought process. I can speak my thoughts fluently.


I am slowly losing strength on my right side. Meaning my right hand, arm and leg. We went for a walk in the park as a family, followed by a trip to Uncle Ringo carnival, by the end of the day, I was limping so badly. I was losing sensation on my right leg. Once I hit the bed that night, it was totally numb. It freaked me out big time. Any time I exert myself or overwork, the numbness will return. This has never happened before.

I normally take an hour max to cook the daily meals. Right now, it will take me 2 to 3hours. Slicing onions makes me feel like like I'm using a stick to cut a steak. So much strength needed regardless of the sharpness of knife.

Randomly, I will have massive headaches and it will cause one side of my face to swell up, my eye and lip will droop down. It will last for several days before it goes back to normal. Trust me when I say it is scary to go through.

Periodically, I will get spasms and trigger effect. It can get as bad as dropping my handphone while I'm on the phone or texting. I kept dropping things. Click on the video to see what I mean..

Simple task like cutting cloth or using the scissors is not possible for me. Honestly it gets very frustrating cause I have to ask my son or Le Cha to help me out. I can forget about lifting even 2kg weights.

A few weeks back, my daughter came back home with math homework. A simple multiplication concept. 128 X 23. I couldn't do it. I cant remember the method to do it. I just stared at it completely blank. She cried cause I cant help her with her homework. I cried cause WTH! I used to teach N Level math and here I am struggling to do simple math.

During conversation, I need to gather my words before speaking. I will forget terms.. Descriptive terms. For example, I wanted to ask a friend to go to the pharmacy and ask ' the person working there' for advice.. The word was actually pharmacist. I simply cant remember words to use. It gets frustrating.. I keep having to stop conversations just to gather my words and thoughts. Family members who understands my condition will fill in the blanks for me thankfully.

I feel like I'm trapped in a 70 year old woman body. Its not fun! Going to crowded places triggers palpitations and cold sweat. Was an extrovert now I've become introverted cause I worry I make a fool of myself. Not how I envision myself right now.

Through the support groups, I was introduced to Dr Charles Siow, The Brain Centre, Mount E Novena, a specialist in brain and stroke patients. I visited his clinic for a diagnosis and his tests freaked me out. He did a simple examination.

He asked me to touch my nose and then touch his index finger placed half an arm in front of me. Each time, he will move his index finger to a different spot and I have to keep touching my nose and touch his finger. I passed with flying colors when I used my left hand. I failed miserably when I used my right hand. I simply couldn't do it in time. I have a lag.

He made me do the 'drunk driving balance'. Placing one feet in front of the other and balance. Each time I move my right feet, I tilt to the right and fall. I lost my balance. It was impossible.

He applied pressure on my left knee, arm and hand, I could easily lift my knee up with ease. I couldn't do the same with my right.

So he advised for me to get admitted and run investigations. I am suppose to get a spinal tap and MRI done. Admitted myself on the 20th April however, a few minutes later received news that my beloved father in law suddenly passed on, as such I requested for immediate discharge. I am now waiting for 11th May for readmission.

I will update here once I get results. A part of me prays that nothing serious and my results comes out normal. However, if it does comes out normal, why am I in such a situation?? Why am I so weak and my brain feels muddled?

Keep me in your doas /prayers. I hope to seek respite if not answers from all these I am going through. I need my strength back.


So on the 11th of May, I went through the whole admission process again. This time round I felt rather calmer as Ive done it before. The admission process went smoothly and met the kindest nurses who went out of their way to ensure my comfort and safety was utmost.

I was immediately placed on IV drips and the number of meds pump in was so much, I do not remember what was what. But it made me drift in and out of sleep many times and my veins bursts several times. Had to change IV plug positioning every few hours. Yes, Im blessed with tiny small veins that cant keep up.

Due to this, I am placed on high alert and fall risk. They locked the bed so I need their help to go toileting showering etc. Should I get a seizure, the bed will sound an alarm so I had to be careful when changing positions during rest.

At 230pm, I went for my MRI. I had a very bad experience before at Hospital A ( from here on refers to my prior admission at a gov hospital). I had seizures in the MRI machine and was pulled out of it quick. I was almost panicky this time round but they were very kind and helped put headphones with nice music for me to remain calm.

At around 420pm, my specialist doc came to do a spinal tap. A lumbar puncture (spinal tap) is a test used to diagnose certain health conditions. It’s performed in your lower back, in the lumbar region. During a lumbar puncture, a needle is inserted into the space between two lumbar bones (vertebrae) to remove a sample of cerebrospinal fluid. This is the fluid that surrounds your brain and spinal cord to protect them from injury.

A lumbar puncture can help diagnose serious infections, such as meningitis; other disorders of the central nervous system. It went very well and unevenftul. However, I needed to lay flat for 2 hours after the procedure to prevent any leakage. Thanks to the heavy meds im on, I slept through it. The results will only come back 2 weeks later.

At 7pm, I went for my EEG test next. It lasted about 2 hours. An EEG is a test that detects abnormalities in your brain waves, or in the electrical activity of your brain. During the procedure, electrodes consisting of small metal discs with thin wires are pasted onto my scalp. So after the technician placed the probes on me, he placed a light strobe directly infront of my eyes.

About an inch away. I asked why so near? He said this is protocol. Problem is, when I did it at Hospital A, it was placed a metre away. He laughed and said, in that case that testing should be void... HMMMMMMmmmmmm... Is that why everything came back normal normal normal?

Halfway through the testing, I collapsed and went into code blue. I woke up to a room full of staff and equipments. No idea what happened. I was made to rest and continued the testing for awhile and then fell into deep sleep.

The next morning, I woke up with intense back, shoulder and neck pain which lasts till today as Im typing this out. It is a side effect for a lumbar puncture. I got to just tahan through and I dun think im doing a good job. The nausea is so intense, I vomitted all over my bed and myself. Thankful my mom is around to help me out these few days.

2nd day in hospital, both specialist and physio came to meet. Thats when the weakness on the right side of my body was shown to have increased from the prior tests I did. I failed many of the tests and MRI results does show decreased activities on my right. So I was given some physio excercises to do and strengthen my right side. Such as flipping cards or bottle caps and strength training on my legs while lying in bed. No more hard excercises.

Stayed for a total of 4 days and got discharged home with a diagnosis of Mild stroke on my right limbs. A bunch of meds came along and now Ive alot to work on. Truly felt like im stuck in a 70 year old woman body. Weak and in pain. Its gonna take a toll on my husband and kids definitely. Please make lotsa doas for us.

So question is, What caused it? I asked the specialist, is it due to my recent fitness routine that I started? If you had followed me on my IG @letsaskamama, you would have seen my fitness routines. He said nope, in fact by staying healthy, it helped me prevent my situation from getting worst at the moment. I have totally abstained from tea, coffee, milo and sugary drinks prior to these episode. So he confirmed that I was on the right health track.

So once again I asked, what caused this? Whats different? Was it the vaccine? He said, its highly aligned with the side effects of Vaccines BUT it could be something else. And then continue talking about the side effects of how Vaccines 'may or may not have caused' these problems. When I requested for him to put in on paper, he refused and said its not in his capacity to conclude.

In other words, no doctor in SG would dare to put in on paper that Vaccines could have cause this. In MY Opinion, it is the vaccine. Simply because, prior to this mess Im facing, I was a healthy able bodied person who was living life. I had so much to do and look forward to without having these problems on my plate. I am now rendered almost bed ridden and cant do basic functions and help take care of my family.

My stand of not vaccinating my kids still stand cause why should I after going through all these? Moving forward, I have to now diligently take my meds, do my physios and avoid harsh lights and noises. June 13th is my next appointment to see if ive improved in any way.

I am just glad I went ahead and book to see a pvt doctor. Just imagine if I had waited to see Hospital A appt date in November, would I have deteriorated more? I wouldnt have known that I am suffering from a stroke and just push my way through and aggravating myself more. Please I am advising you, if you are facing some issues after the vaccine, please go and visit a doctor and get tested fast. Do not wait for appointments given much much later. I got the symptoms in february and if I waited till november.. What would have happened by then? Just thinking about it got me pissed!!!

Appreciate it if you could send prayers my way. Thank you for being supportive and understanding on what Im going through. My headache is so intense right now Im gonna go and get some rest. Do connect with me thru my IG @letsaskamama or comment below and Ill respond when I can.

Sending Luv,


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