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Our Story

Hello and welcome! As I am sure you know, being a parent is life’s greatest adventure. Having kids is amazingly fulfilling, but not always easy. That’s why I’m here to share with you my ideas and insights on how to make parenting more joyful and creative.

I originally started Lets Ask Mama as a way to document the many precious moments of childhood. Currently, whenever my kids needed anything, I will always hear one of them say, lets go ask mama. I would like for them to continue having that faith that for all of their needs, difficulties, joys or simply trying to maneuver the challenges they have in their lives, they can always ask Mama for help.


 I simply didn’t want to miss a beat in my kids' lives and in my parenting journey, especially since they grow up so quickly! Raising children is far more rewarding when we as parents can connect and share our stories. I don’t just write about the picture-perfect moments of life. Beyond the laughter, there are challenges and hiccups that all parents face. I am so glad to be here to offer inspiration and a sense of community for all of us at every stage of the family voyage.

I am also offering this space as an avenue for many other Mamas or even Papas to come together and share their parenting journeys and continue to empower and make parenting easier. Do let me know

if you are keen to contribute a post.

Lets do this!!


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